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It’s no secret that VoIP helps businesses save money.
In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why businesses switch to VoIP.
Many businesses in the UK have already made a move towards using an internet based phone system.
While some companies are reluctant to migrate their telephony systems due to uncertainty, there are many great advantages (other than the cost savings) in moving to a cloud-based communications solution that they may not be aware of.

Cloud based solutions have security in place by both the hardware and the suppliers’ internal systems.

Even better, data is protected in the cloud rather than on site.

A hosted phone system offers more flexibility and scalability to your business.

Hosted VoIP phone systems can integrate both your personal mobiles and office phone services; so you never miss an important call.

In addition, as your business expands a hosted phone system can easily scale to cope with the new demands.

The way your business handles it’s calls may change at any time.

That’s why being able to manage your calls through an online hosted portal is a huge advantage in today’s fast paced environment.

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