There are many different ways for businesses to communicate in this day and age.
How do you know if you’re making the most of all the options out there?

With many forms of communication such as social media, VoIP, email and video conferencing developing over recent years, businesses may feel stuck between choosing the most useful and effective method of communication and it is confusing to decide which are the most useful and cost-effective.

From Twitter and Facebook to the traditional practice of picking up the telephone.

We’ve compiled the 5 best communication methods for modern businesses:

  1. VoIP

Although all businesses are different in their own unique way and require tailored communications services, the telephone is still the number one business communication tool used today. No matter what type of business you are operating, you will need a telephone, maybe not a full state of the art phone system, perhaps just one phone to start with the intention of scaling up in the future accordingly. To put this into perspective, an organisation may start off small then wish to move to a bigger premise or may wish to add another premises in another city. When using a traditional analog phone system moving or adding locations would be a much longer and costly process not to mention increase the running costs; internal calling would still be costly.

This is where VoIP comes in; VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol completes calls over the internet allowing more functionality and lowering the running costs of your business. With organisations constantly expanding and changing, VOIP is so versatile that it can fit just about any businesses needs. Expertise is needed to evaluate both current telecom and non telecom related objectives of a business. SIOVOIP can ensure that businesses are on the right calling plans and have access to the right features needed to help their business grow and increase their functionality. Unified communications within businesses can streamline the workplace both physically and mentally.

When done correctly with the right VOIP services and tools, using a VOIP service to communicate and make that important telephone call is the best choice.

  1. Email

Good old fashioned email may not sound too innovating today. However, when it comes to sending important information, planning and sending attachments, sharing files, and contacting large groups of people in different time zones and working hours.  Email is still a strong contender for being one of the most important business communication tools today.

  1. Tele and Video conferencing

Video conferencing can be used to build strong relationships with partners around the globe. Studies have proven time and again that body language makes up the majority of our communication. Video conferencing makes speaking over the phone much more personal and effective for team meeting and discussions that require a visual.

  1. Phone

With many methods of communication via our phones now – from texting to WhatsApp to Facebook messenger, to Snapchat – the voice call has started to take a bit of a back seat. However, a voice call is arguably more personal and allows for the expression of tone, giving it 4th place on this list.

  1. Social media

You could be posting on Facebook or tweeting about your day, social media sites have opened up whole new avenues of conversation for B2Bs and B2Cs. Facebook chat is an instant way to get in touch with friends and co-workers and Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest news, the opinions of those in your field, and to make the kind of personal, real-time contact with customers that they really appreciate. A major disadvantage is encryption; safety and confidentiality of your businesses communications is important, and one must ensure that trusted platforms are used to communicate, not just with social media but any form of communication service.


The 5 best communication methods for businesses in 2017 – SIOVoIP