Do I need broadband?

Yes. To use our services you’ll need a broadband connection along with a compatible device and equipment.

Why don’t you charge for your features or portal?

The real reason is we’d rather give you more control of your phone systems, and to do that and charge you for making changes and tweaking it for your preferences just doesn’t seem fair.  As long as you play by the rules you’ll get all the access you need to operate a professional high quality phone system that’s easy to use.

Can I keep my number?

Most phone numbers can be transferred over to us, if not we have a great range of local and non geographical area codes

How long is the contract?

We offer 30 day rolling contracts, if you want to cancel then you just need to let us know 30 days in advance and we’ll do the rest.

We may offer longer fixed contracts with promotional deals.

What does free line rental mean?

We don’t charge you for a landline, Sio VOIP only charges you for users on a monthly basis.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Yes. Its a million pounds to cancel any of our contracts! That would be a bit mean and that’s why we don’t charge you to cancel.

What is the quality of the call like?

You can trust in Sio VOIP’s delivery of high quality, crystal clear HD calls.  Even when on different devices you keep the same high quality*
dependant on your internet connection.

Are calls secure?

Our calls are encrypted and secured so you have nothing to worry about, we can even record them for enhanced security.