SIOVoIP – How it works

SIOVoIP changes your traditional restricted phone lines over to an internet based VoIP telephone system.
By using your internet connection to handle your calls it means you can:

Make secure, clear and reliable calls through a range of devices
e.g. PC/laptops, mobiles and office phones.

Easily use different devices as long as they can connect to the internet and have a microphone and speaker.

Save money and improve your capabilities at the same time.

Our competitive pricing and all inclusive hosted options offers many high end features for free.

Calls are encrypted and can be recorded.

Multiple global servers means SIOVoIP is always providing guaranteed quality.

The easy to use interface gives you the ability to set up your system as you like.

Simple or advanced the intuitive SIOVoIP‘s HOSTED IP.PBX interface gives you full access for little or small changes.

SIOVoIP takes the stress out of your phone services

We provide an easy way to switch over to a versatile professional telephone system

SIOVoIP makes using VoIP technology simple in your business or office.

We can get you set up quickly with the package suited to your needs