Just like many other businesses Uber have taken to internet based telephone services to optimise their business model. Uber connects their drivers and riders with an assigned number or even a variety of set numbers; unique to each city that it operates in. In Glasgow for example, the number that connects riders and drivers begins with 0141 prefix every time a passenger calls a driver or vice versa. Uber uses the same VOIP method for each individual city in accordance to their area codes: 020 for London, 0161 in Manchester, 0121 in Birmingham 0131 in Edinburgh and so forth.

The beauty of this technology allows for both parties to locate each other out there on the streets and avoids the hassle of needing to call a control room who must then call the other party and handle all communications. The assigned number continues to work for the duration of each Uber journey and once the trip is ended the number no longer dials out. Utilising a VOIP number set by Uber ensures the safeguard of both drivers and riders personal phone numbers, ensuring that both parties cannot phone each other after the ride has ended.

VOIP cuts things straight to the chase allowing for Uber’s service to be even more efficient. VOIP does not only increase productivity but decreases costs for calling. Calls made over the internet are a fraction of the price of traditional phone calls.   Simply put Uber wouldn’t be able to operate as effectively and profitability without taking advantage of VoIP technology.

Uber, the biggest taxi app in the world has been using VoIP and Smart SIP technology. Uber’s business model for growth is only possible with the use of unified communications.  Uber goes one step further than most companies with the ability to connect drivers and passengers using a local telephone number (Direct Inward Dial) this is essential in making the pick up of a rider a smooth transition.  The option to text or call using a local number whilst maintaining privacy for both parties is a valued part of the service.  Inbound calls from a non geographical number such as 0845 are too often cold callers, scammers and general nuisance calls and for this reason many people are answering less and less, by using a local number you inspire trust and actually connect because more people pick up the phone.

By utilising a SIP Trunk and cloud solution Uber protects personal data of the both the passenger and driver. Uber does this by employing multiple SIP trunks which are managed through in the cloud.

This method can also be re-used if drivers or riders need to contact each other after a job has ended for example when a passenger has left something behind; a simple request through the app will allow both passengers to contact each other again.

VoIP also allows Uber to set up in a new location relatively quickly, the app acts a softphone albeit with advanced features (GPS etc) all that’s required for calling are new phone numbers and call paths which are cheaper, flexible and easier to use and move than traditional phone lines.


SIOVOIP can help your business introduce strategies to help build your communication platform to manage all of your business needs.


Many companies have used localised numbers as part of a growth strategy designed to target more areas of business. Whereas other companies have chosen to use a non geographical number as a contact point, many businesses combine different numbers based on immediate requirements. Calling someone in Glasgow with an 0141 number simply makes the recipient feel more at home and more likely to answer.

International numbers have been unrealistic for companies before but with VoIP and SmartSIP the cost and hassle are no longer barriers to improving your communications infrastructure.

Companies may already have existing systems in place that can be optimised by combining SIP trunking. However, if it isn’t capable of achieving what you require then an alternative such as the hosted platform can be introduced. Due to simplistic yet powerful interface even novice users can be set up within the hour.  SIOVOIP walk you through the process and provide training to ensure you can manage it. Do not hesitate to improve your businesses communication needs.

Just like Uber your business should consider using VOIP to get the most out of it’s communications.

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UBER’s connection to VoIP