Simple and Clear pricing


User Packages

  • UK Landlines
  • UK mobiles
  • Over allowance
  • International*


£6Per Month
  • 750
  • 250
  • £3 per hour
  • Our Standard Rate


£15Per Month
  • 3000
  • 1000
  • £2 per hour
  • 10% off


£18Per Month
  • As many as you want
  • Seriously mobiles too
  • We got you covered
  • Not included but take 25% off

 All these great features and more are available through SIO’s hosted powerful and intuitive user panel.

Virtual Receptionist

Record or upload a greeting and instructions for callers, make it as simple or advanced as you wish with 9 different options with ease.

Opening hours and holidays

You can set up different options for what happens when customers call when the office is closed.

Call Forwarding

Can’t take the call? No internet access? Calls can be forwarded to users or devices, groups, voicemail boxes or mobiles/alternative landlines

Unlimited Hunt groups

Hunt groups are great for grouping different devices or users by their skill set, team, location etc.

Personalised Voicemail

Users, groups and a main voicemail box with email notification and easy log ins mean it’s easy to stay on top of messages.

Music on hold

Choose your own selected hold music, it says a lot about you to your customers!

Hot Desking 

Allows users to move devices with ease, as long as the device is registered users can log in with a simple code.


Call hold, call waiting, call transfer, last number redial, speed dial

All standard features that are included.

Call Recording

Call recording is available at an extra cost per user.

Do not disturb mode

Busy, deadlines, meetings, do not disturb mode means all calls are diverted to allow you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Call logs

Instant access to call logs means you can keep an eye on your organisations calling and service levels.

Calling control

Limit users ability to make unauthorised calls e.g. international.

HD Audio & Encrypted Calls

Crystal clear calls that are encrypted, so customers can hear you and no one else!

Disaster recovery

If something goes wrong at any of your sites then calls can be redirected to other devices, users or locations.

Multi Device Compatibility

Whether you use a Phone, Laptop or PC, Mobile or even a tablet, we can get you connected.

Full training to use our hosted portal, and support available.

We also can provide customer solutions and integrate our plans with your existing I.P. PBX.